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About Huzhou

Huzhou is located in the southern of the Lake Tai and at extreme north of Zhejiang province, with a history of 2300 years. It is the birthplace of Chinese writing brush culture, silk culture, and tea culture. In a general aspect, Huzhou is situated in the centre of the Yangtze River Delta Economic Area, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing three major cities in China. According to the 2010 census, the population in Huzhou has reached 2.8 million residents, with 757 thousand inhabitants living in Wuxing District.

Convenient transportation and distinguished geographical advantage

 Located in the centre of the triangle area, and the common hinterland of Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo city, Huzhou is also a node connecting from north to south wings and east-central region in the Yangtze River Delta, with 75 km away from Hangzhou, 130 km away from Shanghai, 220 km away from Nanjing. With a national first-class railway, highway, inland water transhipment port, Huzhou also owns different high-speed railways and highways, such as G25, G50, S12, S13, S14, including 104, 318 national highway. Whats more, a channel which is known as the "Oriental Rhine" runs through the city, making transport rather convenient.

Distinctive humanities with profound culture

With a great deal of reputation of silk, agriculture and cultural, Huzhou had an old saying that   "the harvest of Suzhou and Huzhou could feed the world" in the Song dynasty. It is not only the origin place of silk culture and tea culture, but also the birthplace of writing brush, which is known as the prime one of the "four treasures" in study.

With a highly focus on education and culture during the long-time tradition, numerous talented people were raised up, including calligraphers, writers and artists and other celebrities. As they said within the achievement of Chinese painting and calligraphy, Huzhou owns a half, there are loads of painters and calligraphers in distinctive factions.

Wonderful scenery, beautiful ecological environment

A range of mountains rises from Mountain Tianmu. Rivers, streams and canals flow from Lake Tai. I have travelled to every clear and beautiful place in south of China and only to find that Huzhou is the most ideal city to live in. This poetry of poet Dai Biaoyuan from Yuan Dynasty not only expresses the highly praise of Huzhou of its pleasant living environment from the past, but also today's ecological reality. In 2005, Comrade Xi came to a fieldtrip in Anji, Huzhou and proposed the thought of " Green hills and clear water are golden mountain and river of silver" for the first time, and also put important implements of "two mountains development and Chinese beautiful countryside in practice. In terms of city landmarks, there is a famous inner tower - Feiying Tower from where you could enjoy the whole view of city; the first twins towers - Dongwu International Building stands in the city center; one of the most global optimal building - the Moon Hotel has brought the Lake Tai holiday resort more glorious. 

Social harmony, with strong momentum of development

In recent years, Huzhou has achieved rapid and coordinated development consistently in both economy and society. In 2015, the income ratio of urban and rural residents was 1.73:1, which made Huzhou one of the areas with smallest gap between urban and rural throughout the country. A stable society with orders has brought citizens from Huzhou the most social security, satisfaction of belonging and happiness of individuals among the province. Meanwhile, Huzhou is about to catch up with the development of the "Great Five Development "concept currently, and trying to implement the government "Double Eight Strategy " earnestly. By insisting the concept of making an eco-friendly city continuously, it holds on straight to the end with a certain blueprint in order to speed up building a modern ecological lakeside city, make new contributions to a well-off society with high level.