Huzhou Holiday Inn in Water

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Huzhou Holiday Inn and the South Taihu Lake are in full swing, facing the entrance of Xiaomei Port and Taihu Lake. The sound of the waves is audible, the waves can be dialed, and the Huizhou architecture is unique. Stay close to the wind and the Sheraton Moon Hotel.

Staying at the hotel, Taihu scenery, the atmosphere of the people's feelings. The hotel has nearly 100 resort rooms with Jiangnan flavor, with various room types, large conference rooms, and leisure chess rooms. Broadband Internet access and China Digital TV are available in the room.

There are special restaurants (silver fish, white fish, white shrimp, and squid) that are mainly based on Taihu Lake. They can accommodate 150 people at the same time.


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Huzhou in the water side holiday hotel

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